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YouTube Takes Feedback Seriously, Improves Channels

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on December 5, 2008

Companies who wish to succeed and create a dominant position in their niche have a useful lesson to learn from media sharing leader YouTube. The popular Google product has given serious thoughts to feedback from the YouTube community and announced new changes to its channels.

To enrich its users’ experience, YouTube has inserted a ‘Recent Activity’ box on content creator’s channels, enabling them to offer their viewers a snapshot of latest adjustments on the channel. Also, it will consolidate other YouTube attributes like ‘My Recent Comments’ and ‘My Recent Ratings’, which it foresees adding more dynamism, freshness, and timeliness to its channels.

On privacy settings front, a Youtube spokesperson assured users that the company has set users’ Recent Activity settings as per what they already show publicly on their channel at present. For example, it means that if you do not already display the ‘Favourites’ box on your channel, the ‘Recent Activity’ box wouldn’t start displaying your new favourites suddenly as well.

Besides improvement in channels, the YouTube community also gave feedbacks about bulletins, with majority saying it has no value. Regarding this, YouTube commented that it is taking a first step in making bulletins more useful. It said that although the bulletin box will be going away, users can now broadcast a bulletin to their channel visitors in the Recent Activity box directly. This will provide a fun place to spread around personal updates and news as well as an additional means to communicate and engage with the channel fans.

Thereby, it is worth noticing how a market leader attempts to make its services as user-friendly as possible, believing that consumers are still the ‘King’ today!

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