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MySpace Video Catches the Wireless Fever

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on December 4, 2008

The digital world is witnessing a never-seen before advancement, thanks to the amalgamation of social networking and mobile technology. Recently, MySpace added a new dimension to the digital industry by collaborating with mobile video firm RipCode on a new streaming-video facility.

With MySpace Mobile, users would be able to view videos from their mobile devices, making MySpace the first-ever social network to launch such service. However, popular video-sharing site YouTube is also known to offer a similar kind of service.

The aim of MySpace Mobile is to stream the utmost possible video quality on mobile, and therefore is in the beta mode for further experimentation and modification. Users would get access to their uploaded videos on MySpace or any other video they have marked as a favourite.

According to the social network giant, mobile video is a natural step as users are increasingly interested in portability and desire on-the-move-access. It also believes that adding  video streams will fortify its stand in the social-networking industry.

It is interesting to know how digital video is rooting its place on various fronts. Already Internet video is accessible on the television, the computer, and now the mobile device as well. Moreover, it is continuing to expand on all these fronts. Today, we can say that it has created a strong position on the computer, with steady developments into TV and mobile devices. Next year, it promises to grow even more.

As far as the partnership is concerned, RipCode’s On-Demand Video Transcoding will help MySpace leverage its operations. What real-time transcoding will do is that it will allow MySpace support various handsets although they involve different arrangements of codecs, bit rates and resolutions.

The advantage with MySpace Video is that it is not confining its service to any single wireless firm. Among others, it is catering to iPhone consumers with its mobile video streams, which means that users can visit any site as per their choice and directly access the video from there. This means users would not require subscribing to the incremental services from the network operator.

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