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Social Networks Show Great Potential in Fighting Terror

Posted by Vaibhav Kalamdani on December 2, 2008

At a time when the world is uniting to fight terrorism, social media is finding its own unique ways to combat the ever-growing evil that has shaken the world in the past with the 9/11 bombings and now the Mumbai horror. Social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are proving to be a great platform for communication and positive social interaction.

Activists are seeing social networks as an influential medium to bring about a change in the social and political environment across the globe. The idea is to spread message to the masses and bring them together to fight terrorism with a positive frame of mind.

With the communications technology growing over leaps and bounds, the task to instruct and exhort like minded people has become simpler and can be used as a counter strategy to combat the violent extremists who are persistently trying to disturb human sentiments.

By using social networks, today’s youth is spreading across the message “We Care” by forming communities, encouraging discussions and involving large groups into conversation to retaliate against violence. Now this is something that can upset the terrorist groups to at least some extent.

Recently, during the outrageous attacks in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, Twitter played a huge role in helping relatives of those affected during the attacks by sending them latest updates and messages about the situation. Pleas for blood donation were sent as “tweets” to encourage blood donors go to specific hospitals where doctors were falling short of blood stock as the casualties were increasing.

Also, special communities were set-up on Facebook to provide emotional support to those affected by the attacks. These communities saw great involvement of citizens across the world who expressed their concern for the families of innocent souls who died during the attacks.

It is worth appreciating the good work and right use of the social networks being made worldwide and we hope the same continues for times to come!

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